Rwandan Women Rising
Discussion Guide

How can husbands or other male partners help create space for women to lead?

Jeanne d’Arc Mukasekuru, an activist for Rwanda’s indigenous population, known as the potters, and a mother of two.

Book Excerpt

We should export Rwanda’s tips on the attitude of men about women rising. In a number of countries, ambitious women who are high achievers end up in conflict with their husbands, with their colleagues in the workplace, or with men in society in general. When men share small daily life activities, it gives us more confidence. When you’re changing broad attitudes, it’s important to be in a supportive environment.

—Rwandan Women Rising, p.322

Discussion Question

  • In a society where women spend significantly more time on household duties, caring for and helping family members, and making consumer purchases, how can men be more supportive?

June 2017 | Duke University Press